Winter Meetings Day 2

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Sherman says Rangers out on Bradley


Tim Brown says Bradley could be going to Seattle for Carlos Silva


Nats in on Padilla, Jays wouldn’t comment on Bradley


MLBTR says their source says the Bradley rumor is FALSE


Luis Ayala to sign with Dodgers or Rockies


sources say cubs are close on deal for bradley with surprise al team


Royals have interest in Felix Pie


R. soriano allows team to trade him


Figgins is now official


Looks like Mets are out on Wolf says Heyman


Rangers asked for Sheets’ medical record, remember they signed him last year, than he failed a psychical.


4 teams in on Uggla


Rockies are aggressively pursuing Torrealba


Ken Rosenthal reports that the Mariners interest in Jason Bay has been overstated


Angels also in on Matsui


Tony La Russa says team wants slugger, doesn’t deny Tejada


Orioles have cooled on Millwood as Texas wanted Chris Tillman


Boston won’t give up Kelly or Bucholz for Halladay, ouch.


Ed Price says when it comes to Bay and Holliday for Boston, its Bay or nothing.


Sources say White Sox are serious contenders for Hideki Matsui


Dodgers on financial lockdown


Sheets to meet with both NY teams


Yankees acquire Granderson, D-Backs get Jackson, Tigers get Schlereth, Scherzer, Coke and Kennedy, great haul for them.

Early this morning the Nationals signed a 2 year 6 million dollar contract with Ivan Rodriguez.

The Mets and Brewers are discussing a John Maine/Corey Hart swap.

Winter Meetings Day 1 Wrap-Up

Is a four-team trade practical?(polling)

Who would you rather have?(trends)


  • Mets are going to meet with Lackey later in week
  • Brewers were reported to be imminently signing Wolf, but that was shot down, he will meet with the Mets
  • Phils listening on Blanton
  • M’s are also in on Darren Oliver
  • Piniero, and Marquis will also meet with Mets, and the Yankees have no interest in Marquis
  • Halladay was one of the dominating rumors today, as rumors surfaces involving a four team deal, Tampa and BJ Upton, and the Angels 
  • Edwin Jackson was thrown around, and will likely be dealt by Thursday, Arizona and Angels are suitors, Mets appear to be out of it
  • In some minor deals, Brian Bruney was sent to Washington and Saul Rivera was cut, and Clay Zavada was sent to Texas
  • Penny signed in St Louis
  • Andy Petitte turned a 1 year 10 million dollar offer down
  • Yanks and Mets looking at Kelvim Escobar
  • Relievers Soriano may accept arb, Astros are waiting out Valverde, Marlins listening on Lindstrom
  • The Mets expressed interest in Paul Lo Duca, Yorvit Torrealba, Barajas, and the ladies serving burgers at Shake Shack
  • The Mets are expected to offer a one year deal for 6 million to Molina, with an option for ’11
  • The Royals are looking at Jason Kendall and Barajas
  • The Rays were shopping Dioner Navvaro
Corner Infielders
  • Mark Derosa declined arbitration
Middle Infielders
  • The Mets are in on Adam Kennedy, the D-backs are not
  • Seemed like there was a new Castillo rumor every two posts
  • There is no deal close for Dan Uggla
  • frontrunners for Bay: Angels/Red Sox Holliday: Cardinals
  • Curtis Granderson frontunners: Cubs/Yankees
  • Milton Bradley could go to Rays
  • Burrell deal is dead
  • Mets are in on Willingham and Rivera as last resorts

Winter Meetings Day 1

Rays shopping Navvaro
Angels talks with Bay are “new and developing” says Tony Reagins
D-Backs want Jackson, but also want to keep Scherzer
Jacque Jones attempting comeback
Stark says 2 or 3 new teams have interest in Bradley
Pirates, White Sox, and unknown team in on Pierre
Rays haven’t backed off on Bradley yet
Alotta buzz around Pierre
Shocker, Bay & Derosa decline arb
Over at Hot Stove Blog Steve Gilbert writes “a 3rd team may be needed to deal Jackson”
Royals say Bradley Meche rumors are “unbelievable”. As if they needed to say that
Morosi’s Twitter: Reds more willing to deal Harang than Arroyo
Apparently add Lo Duca to the Mets’ list, its prob trying to put pressure on molina
Heyman says Mets could offer deal to Molina for 6 mil next year and an ’11 option 
All you guys seem to like Marquis, post in a comment why!
Figgins psychical report not to be given to Seattle til tomorrow
ESPN Rumor Central says Rox offer 3 year deal to a reliever, Gonzalez is my guess
Jays in “discussion mode” with Halladay. Olney again
Dodgers looking to extend Ethier, our coverage is running til 12 all four nights, unless something unforeseen happens.
Looper interested in going to CHI, not known if mutual.
Tigers are asking for “the moon and stars” for Granderson, says Buster Olney
Yahoo’s Tim Brown says Wolf signing imminently is “nonsense” 
Mets willing to deal Castillo to LA for Pierre, not vice versa 
Michael Tucker and Nick Bierbodt trying to catch on somewhere this week.
via Ken Davidoff twitter: put Torrealba on Mets catching list
John Mozeliak met with Scott Boras, presumably to talk Holliday 
Royals interested in Kendall, Barajas. Boston signs Fabio Castro, and Kason Gabbard
Alright, back from dinner. Wolf close to signing in Milwaukee, Soriano could take arb.
Pavano to take arb
Mets in on barajas
Burkhardt made my point for me, why is trading Castillo a big priority??
Mets should be interested in big 3, but to a point.
Marlins trying to trade Uggla this week.
Mets have met with teams and agents, teams looking at major leaguers and minor leaguers of Mets, from Omar on SNY.
Sandoval to bat clean-up in 2010, could be a ploy
Angels only want Halladay if they can sign him long term, and Mets Hot Stove in 6 minutes, Minaya is speaking.
Penny’s deal could reach 9 mil
tigers in serious talks with mets, d-backs, mariners, angels -ESPN
Cubs and Yankees frontrunners for Granderson. Uggla isn’t close to being dealt to Giants.
D-Backs are not in on Adam Kennedy
Orioles (according to Peter *******) are very interested in Kevin Millwood
4 unknown teams are in on Ryan Doumit
Mets fans, at 7:00 on Mets Hot Stove Minaya will speak, expect news then.
Anthopoulos seems to be looking for a catcher
Marquis-Yankees rumor is just Cashman keeping his options open.
Matt Murton sold to Hanshin Tigers
Gardenhire sick with flu and won’t attend meetings
Rockies talking with Ianetta for multi year deal
Heyman about to talk about Felix
Mariners and Hernandez extension rumors continue to float around, apparently Hernandez’s agent has been wrestling with it for a while.
Minaya says Mets have trade chips, but that you “don’t always want to trade your minor leaguers to fill holes on your major league team. 
Marlins looking for bullpen help, for what seems like the thousandth straight offseason…
via Peter Gammons: Rays “flat-out” deny Halladay trade rumors
Interesting tidbit from Rosenthal, Anthopoulos is discussing a four team trade also, involving Roy Halladay, how many four team trades can be unfolding? This clears it up. Blue Jays, Mets, and maybe White Sox? Yankees? Rays with Mets getting Crawford in this trade? (ALL SPECULATION)
Nats talking to Garland, confirmed by Rizzo
Rosenthal adds that Colorado is in on Crosby
Plesac (doesn’t mean much) says they will wait it out
Nothing on Felix, that was mean…
foxsports says pirates are in on bobby crosby, and Heyman doesn’t see Pettite playing anywhere other than for the Yankees
Heyman says field will be small, says teams in are Yankees Red Sox, Phillies, Angels. Also Rosenthal mentioned Rays. Specific players mentioned? Saunders and Dominic Brown
From Crasnick: Marlins getting calls on Ross
Ten teams in on former mets farmhand Matt Lindstrom
Minaya’s codeword for please take him is “Team MVP”
Also says Yanks and Red Sox are still front
runners, Mets are out
Jorge Arangure says “At this point I’d be surprised if Chapman sign this week.”
Phils listening on offers for Blanton, Mets most likely will at least call
Minaya meets with Kenny Williams by elevators, Could we be after Alexei Ramirez possibly in this Castillo deal? NOT A REAL RUMOR. Photo below (the photo is real, courtesy of Will Carroll)
Seems like we are going thru 20 minutes breaks, than 3 minute frenzies, it usually heats up at night.
My own thought here, i repeat this is not a rumor. Why not bring Escobar in to pitch the 8th inning?
Deja Vu all over again, Pettite declines 1 year 10 mil contract…
Brian Mctaggart over at Hot Stove blog says Astros are waiting on Valverde
Mets and Yanks inquire on Escobar, remind you of anyone?
Minaya could be in a four team deal trying to trade Castillo, also a three teamer. Says they’re close. i bet something is done by the 7 o’clock hot stove show
Wow, Tampa may be in on Halladay, called and may offer Upton and Wade Davis for him, and Toronto can flip Upton to a third team, or hold him.
Cashman says Yank’s first priority is pitching
Mets apparently not in on Rivera or Willingham
With Murton going to Japan, Spilbourghs is the Rockies’ man
Minaya says trades are “evolving”
Tigers resign everett, says the official team twitter
Nats cut Saul Rivera to make room for Bruney
Duscherer declines arb. ATTENTION OMAR!
Kelly jonhson could be dealt
Mets to meet with Bengia Molina tonight
Tigers asked for Starlin Castro and two others for granderson
tigers are close to dealing Jackson says foxsports. frontrunners considered to be ARI and SEA, SEA has been busy
Mets to meet with Lackey now, dont hold me to that. Also Piniero Wolf and Marquis
Tiger sorting thru 12 offers from 12 diff. teams for jackson
Cardinals deal with Penny pends psychical says MLBTR
Mets NOT meeting with Lackey
MIL going for Wolf says Rosenthal
Gammons says no Lackey for Mets, Bay could get done this week, and Holliday prob. to STL. Jackson NOT to mets.
Apparently Mets are stepping it up for Molina. ugh 
Four minutes without anything wow.
Mets interested in Kennedy?
Update 4:01 
Mets to talk with Lackey’s agent, he may be shooting for more than Burnett, also Gammons is about to go on ESPNews, as soon as he says it it will be on here.
Update 3:57
Rangers acquire left hander Clay Rapada

Stark says Mets are among seven team interested in Nick Johnson

Cheap Ways To Improve The Mets: Outfield

With the Mets losing money to Bernie Madoff, and seemingly pinched for cash, we need to find cheap ways to improve the Mets.

In the outfield, we have a mess, with Beltran owning center, and hopefully coming back from his awful defensive season this year (a UZR/150 of -5.5), but in 08 was good with a UZR/150 of 8.8, in 07 it was .9, and 06 it was 5.7, so it can go either way. Offensively, this year he has swung at 66% of the pitches inside the strike zone, and just 20% of the pitches outside of it.
One thing you have to consider is that this year and in 2007, his two bad UZR/150 seasons, he suffered from knee injuries, this year he was out for about 3 months, and in 2007 after the season he had to undergo surgery. Factoring that in we can consider his 2008 and 2006 seasons flukes. He has always been a patient hitter, and you never lose that, his OBPs over the last couple of seasons have been .388, .353, .376, .420. He has always controlled the strike zone, and causes the pitcher to throw a lot of pitches. Look below at Player A and Player B, it may shock you.
Player A 

27 HR  40 2B 5 3B 25/3 SB/CS .876 OPS 57.6 VORP 

Player B 35 HR 30 2B 0 3B 18/3 SB/CS .976 OPS 62.9

Player A is Carlos Beltran, more triples, more stolen bases, less caught stealing, within 5 points in VORP, and is getting payed 7 million dollars less a year.
So we are set in Center field,  lets look at left.
Angel Pagan is one name that screams out, but look up Franklyn Guttierez’s  UZR/150.

10 Reason To Be Happy About 09

1 Luis Castillo

After signing a four year contract for 32 million, Luis Castillo had a bad 2008 season, and the Mets franticly tried to trade him for anything last offseason, but no one was biting. So we were “stuck” with a bad second baseman, but boy oh boy did he shine, and as of today has a AVG/OBP/SLG of .313/.401 /.362, and has, if anything raised his trade value to where they can get something good for him, although he has had his moments…
2 Anderson Hernandez
We got him in mid August because of injuries, trading Greg Veloz to Washington for him, and he has been great for the Mets, getting big hits, and playing good defense, and showing he may be a piece of next year’s puzzle.
3 The Jeff Francoeur Trade

When we traded Ryan Church to Atlanta for Jeff Francoeur, it seemed I was the only Met fan who was welcoming the trade, as I never did think Church was that good. Since then, Francoeur is batting .287/.320/.470, with 7 Home Runs and 35 RBIs, which has already matched his Atlanta production, while Ryan Church is batting .265/.357/.425, with 2 home runs and 17 RBIs.
4 Angel Pagan

When Carlos Beltran, and the Mets called on Angel Pagan to fill-in, a lot of Mets fans were waving the white flag, but of all the reasons we are waving the white flag, Angel Pagan is most certainly not one of them. He has played great defense in center field, and is amongst the league leaders in triples, with 9, he is batting .306/.345/.500, and has just been a great leadoff batter, getting on base, and getting extra base hits as well, and he could even be a 3 hitter if the Mets would think outside of the box.
5 Ike Davis

Son of former Major Leaguer Ron Davis, Ike is a power hitting first baseman, picked in the first  round last season, and after a dissapointing first half year, had a breakout season, and is considered one of the Mets Top-2 prospects by many. Batting a combined .298/.381/.524, 20 home runs, and 71 RBIs, and has been a big bright spot for the Mets minor leagues.
6 At least No One Died

Self explanatory…
7 Daniel Murphy’s First Base Defense

At least he can play defense, he has not been so good at the plate, but has been great in the field, maybe making the play of the year versus LA.
8 Murphy’s Power To Right

Although most of Murphy’s offense has been bad, we at least know that Murphy can slug the ball out to right, as he seems to love that short porch in right, hitting most of his home runs this season there.
9 K-Rod’s 1st Half

For the first half he was our Brad Lidge since, not so much…
10 The Rest Of The Minors

They are not THAT bad, we have Thole, who is Mauer-like, Niewenhuis, who got really hot and is shooting through the system, Jenry Mejia and Brad Holt are finally at Double-A, and many more are breaking out this year, and showing me might just have an okay farm system.

Cyclone In Playoffs Tonight

Line-Up, And Season Polls!

After you vote, scroll down for the line-up.

Who Is The Mets MVP?(polls)

Who Has Been The Best Mets Pitcher?(opinion)

Who Has Been The Best Minor Leaguer?(online surveys)

Who Has Been The Biggest Surprise?(trends)

Who Has Been The Biggest Dissapointment?(surveys)

1 Angel Pagan 

2 Luis Castillo

3 David Wright

4 Carlos Beltran

5 Daniel Murphy

6 Jeff Francoeur

7 Josh Thole

8 Anderson Hernandez

9 Tim Redding

Mets Season In Review 11-13 (Season Polls At Bottom)

Hey Mets fans! Lets continue with our Mets Season In Review, with numbers 11-13 coming here. 

David Wright

Age: 26
Acquired: MLB First Year Player Draft
Build: 6″0 210
David Wright is the face of the franchise and was going to hit 30 home runs, have the first hit at Citi Field, and win and MVP while leading the Mets to the World Series, right? Well to all the Mets fans reading my blog, sorry as all three of those did not come true, as he has 8 home runs, and Jody Gerut has the first, hit, home run, plate appearance, at-bat, XBH, and heartbreak for Mets fans, at Citi Field, although when Wright tied the game with a three run home run in the bottom of the fifth, maybe for a second, all those goals would come true. Sadly his line is 326/410 /462, and has been nailed in the head, and then wore the new more protective helmet, then ditched it for his old digs when he said it was too big, oh well.
Expected Grade: A+

Actual Grade: A-

Mike Pelfrey

Age: 25
Build: 6″7 230
Acquired: MLB First Year Player Draft
Mike Pelfrey was dubbed the number 2 starter, and a legit MLB pitcher by Omar Minaya, Jerry Manual, and the Wilpons, and sadly he has not panned out like us as Mets fans, and they would have liked, as he has compiled a 10-10 record, with an ERA of 4.83. His K-BB ratio is 93-61, with a WHIP of 1.51, and you just can not allow 1 1/2 runners on base per inning and expect to get out of it most of the time unscathed, see Daisuke Matsuzaka, and Oliver Perez on that topic. He still does have time to pan out, according to the great Tom Seaver because “a pitcher doesn’t really learn how to pitch until about a 100 career starts, Pelf is at 76. Another point against him coming into the season is that he was on Tom Verducci’s list of people effected by his ego-fueled Verducci effect, which is complete and total nonsense.
Expected Grade: B+

Actual: C

JJ Putz

Age: 32
Build: 6″5 250
Acquired: Trade From Seattle, 2009 offseason.
JJ Putz and Fransisco Rodriguez were brought over to solidify the back end of the Mets bullpen, and finally get the Mets back into the playoffs, but going into the season Putz was not as effective as he was for Seattle, and the climax of his struggles came in Pittsburgh when he blew a lead to cost the Mets the win, and then found out he had an injury so he was placed on the DL, and was expected back in August, in August there was no news. Finally Omar Minaya spoke to the Press about Putz, saying he was going to opt for season ending surgery. After this season he has an option the Mets can either exercise, or not pick up and he will be a Type-B free agent and the Mets can get a draft pick for him, and at least get something… 
Expected Grade: A

Actual Grade: F

Who Is The Mets MVP?(polls)

Who Has Been The Best Mets Pitcher?(opinion)

Who Has Been The Best Minor Leaguer?(online surveys)

Who Has Been The Biggest Surprise?(trends)

Who Has Been The Biggest Dissapointment?(surveys)

Eric Beaulac, What I Think

Eric Beaulac.pdf

If you go to this PDF, it will tell you what I think of Eric Beaulac, and it may surprise you.
Speaking of Mets prospects, Keith Law had this to say on Reese Havens:

Darren (New York)

Hi Klaw,Reese Havens, eventually: starting MLB second baseman, utility guy, organizational guy or pizza delivery guy? Thanks.

Keith Law
  (1:25 PM)

Depends on how fast he drives.

And this on Mets prospects in general:

Rory (NYC)

Given the play of many Mets prospects this year, do you think their farm system is much deeper than given credit for. For example Ike Davis, Holt,
Mejia, Nieuwenhuis, Tejeda, Thole, Familia, etc. have had very solid years.

Keith Law
  (1:40 PM)

It is better than the local and national media would have you believe. However, Holt has been lit up like a California forest in AA. I’m not that excited by him.

Reports: Mets Sign 17 Year Japanese Pitcher

According to Patrick Newman of NPB Tracker, the Mets have signed 17 year old Japanese pitcher Taiki Kawasaki. This is what Newman says:

This one is about is about as under-the-radar as it gets — according to ChuSpo, the Mets have agreed to sign Japanese teenager Taiki Kawasaki to a minor league contract. Kawasaki is a 17 year-old left handed pitcher who had been training at Julio Franco’sbaseball academy in Florida. The Osaka native left Japan after finishing junior high school in April 2008 with the hopes of catching on with an MLB organization. In his time in Franco’s academy, Kawasaki has grown from 177cm, 66kg (5′10, 145) to 185cm 77kg (6′1, 170), and added velocity to his fastball, which now averages around 140kmph (about 87mph). An older report mentions that Kawasaki has a slider and curve as well.

I couldn’t find any English info on this signing, but this ESPN Deportes article from last year mentions Kawasaki’s presence at Franco’s academy. Franco will reportedly travel to Japan in mid-October to officially announce the signing.

So he has an 87 MPH fastball, which is good for a 17 year old, he has a slider and a curve, and has been training at Julio Franco’s baseball academy in Florida, interesting…


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